Montana Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

If you or someone you know has suffered from a motorcycle accident in Montana, you should contact lawyer Philip McGrady for immediate legal assistance.  If the case involves personal injury or even wrongful death, having legal representation is critical for maximizing your recovery.

Many Montanans love to ride their motorcycles across our scenic state. Some individuals ride their bikes as their primary source of transportation. Everyone knows the dangers that riders face each time they get on their bikes.

As we see time and again, accidents can occur not because of the rider, but because of drivers who fail to see them or hit them due to other negligent reasons. In fact, the vast majority of bike wrecks are due to someone other than the biker.

Just because a bike is hard to see doesn’t mean a driver is legally excused from causing injuries to a rider. For these incidents, we look to the same rules and considerations that are present in other auto accident cases.

In the event of an accident, motorcycles don’t afford riders the same level of protection that cars do for their drivers. As a result, motorbike wrecks can very easily lead to serious bodily injury or death.

An Attorney Seeking the Highest Settlements and Verdicts

Attorney Philip McGrady knows the best ways to get you and your family the maximum amount of monetary relief and other damages available. The responsible driver and his insurance company must be held accountable for the injuries or even death which could have arisen from the bike wreck.

In the event the accident was caused by the bike itself (due to faulty tires, a problem with the motor, brakes, etc.), you could have a valuable claim for a dangerous product case, which Mr. McGrady handles too.

Philip McGrady works tirelessly on behalf of his clients to get them the most compensation possible. He knows how to get insurance settlements in line with the value of a case and isn’t afraid to rely on his extensive trial experience to argue your case to a judge and jury.

If the insurance adjusters don’t want to offer a fair amount, they could end up having to pay a lot more to you later due to a jury verdict or other court award at trial.  There is also the possibility of obtaining damages for bad faith if the insurance company refused to provide coverage when it should have to start with.

Contact A Skilled Motorcycle Attorney

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