Jun 12

Actions of Police Officers Leads to $6M Wrongful Death Verdict


Judge Finds Officers Committed Battery

Two Albuquerque Police Department officers committed battery when they pinned down and shot 27-year-old Christopher Torres in 2011, according to a district judge who awarded the family $6 million dollars.

The family says they feel vindicated by Judge Shannon Bacon’s ruling that the detectives who killed Torres committed battery. The judge also wrote that “Detectives Brown and Hilger’s testimony is inconsistent with the eyewitness’s testimony and the physical evidence,” and said evidence showed no prints from Torres on Hilger’s gun. Earlier reports said Torres went for it as the detectives tried to serve an arrest warrant.

The Torres family says they feel APD has work to do, and it will take the Department of Justice for them to do it. The findings don’t blame the city for hiring or training the officers, just the officers themselves. State law caps legal pay-outs so the family can only get $400,000 immediately. They could get the full $6 million or more if they are successful in their federal civil rights trial, set to begin in September.

This case demonstrates the importance of seeking legal representation.  If you feel you have been wronged through the conduct of government actors, contact the McGrady Law Firm.

Source: Erica Zucco, KOB Eyewitness News 4, http://www.kob.com/article/stories/S3470016.shtml?cat=504#.U5pj341dVuo, 06/10/2014

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