October 28

Montana Slip and Fall Cases

Premises Liability Considerations for Montanans Injured by Slip and Fall The premises owner has a duty of ordinary care to keep its premises reasonably safe for all persons who foreseeably might come upon them. Moreover, the owner’s duty to use ordinary care applies to any activity or condition on the premises even if the danger.

March 13

Preventing Drowsy Driving by Tuck Sleep (Guest Blogger)

Preventing Drowsy Driving by Tuck Sleep (Guest Blogger)

How many fatal accidents are caused by drowsy driving each year? We’ve all been taught about the dangers of driving under the influence, whether that influence is alcohol or medications that can incapacitate you. One influence you might not have thought of is one that affects every aspect of our lives — sleep. Driving drowsy.

January 6

Disc Herniation from Car Crashes

Disc Herniation from Car Crashes

Herniated Discs Resulting from Montana Auto Accidents The impact from car crashes can cause disc herniation, even when there is low velocity impact. A herniated disc is sometimes referred to as a slipped or ruptured disc. A herniated disc refers to a problem with one or more of the discs (soft cushions) between the vertebrae,.

December 15

What are the seat belt laws in Montana?

Seat belts are one of the more important safety features when it comes to keeping people inside a car free from injury, and Montana has seat belt laws for this purpose. Statistics from a Montana Highway Traffic Safety Report for 2015 determined that only about 20-30% of occupants killed in Montana car crashes were properly.

December 9

Rear-End Car Accident Results in $202,824 Verdict

A Florida woman, who was the victim of a car accident, was struck from behind while stopped at a red light recovered a $202,824 jury award in state court near Tampa, Florida. While a long way from Montana, the case (Hardy-Ellzey v. Lefebvre), puts yesterday’s blog post into perspective. The National Trial Lawyers reported on.

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