December 8

Basics of Auto Accident Damages

Property Damage versus Personal Injury First you should distinguish between property damage and physical injury. Establishing property damage in regards to the vehicle is relatively straightforward. If the vehicle can be repaired, the damages are the costs of repair. If the vehicle has been totaled, the damages are fair market value. Determining fair market value.

December 5

Trip and Fall Leads to $7.5M Verdict

Jury Awards $7.5M After Trip and Fall in Produce Aisle An Alabama jury awarded $2.5 million in compensatory damages, and $5 million in punitive damages, in a trip and fall case. The case against Wal-Mart stemmed from the injuries of a 61-year old Alabama man who was injured while trying to get a watermelon from.

September 15

Wildfire Property Damage

Property Damage due to wildfire? Montana has been experiencing one of the worst wildfire seasons ever. Many of the hundreds of thousands of acres which have burned have been on public land. But wildfire knows no boundaries, and sometimes results in damaged private property and structures. Homeowners’ insurance policies will typically cover losses resulting from.

December 21

Violations of HIPAA Rights Should Not Be Ignored

Typical Sanctions for Violations of Your HIPAA Rights Provide Little Recourse Under federal law, each patient has the right to keep their medical records private.  The Heath Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, often referred to as HIPAA, protects the privacy of individually identifiable health information.  A specific federal agency, the Office for Civil Rights, enforces this rule..

September 30

Head On Collision in Montana Kills Three

Whenever there has been a head-on collision on Montana’s roadways, there is little question that one of the drivers was driving negligently.  While the facts of the head on collision involving two pickup trucks traveling on Highway 2 in northeastern Montana on September 29, 2015, are sparse, it is likely that the investigation will reveal.

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