March 16

Family Member Exclusions on Auto Insurance in Montana

Let’s say you and your family members are in a single vehicle accident, and your spouse and/or child have been injured. You then call the insurance company, who tells you that there is no coverage for the accident. Don’t take the insurance company adjuster’s answer as the final answer because each state may handle “family.

March 3

Overtime Pay – What Laws do Montana Employers Follow?

When it comes to determining overtime and wage classifications, the law uses the terms exempt and non-exempt workers. When we say that an employee is “exempt,” we generally mean that the employee is exempt from the protections of a federal law called the Fair Labor Standards Act, and that the employer need not be concerned.

November 20

Wrongful Death Damages

Overview of Damages available in Montana for Wrongful Death Under Montana law, the personal representative of the estate of the deceased may sue the party responsible for wrongful death on behalf of the surviving heirs. The recovery made by the personal representative is not in his or her capacity as personal representative. Rather, the personal.

November 14

Whistleblower Claims: Wrongful Termination or Qui Tam?

What are my rights if I blow the Whistle on Illegal Activity? A whistleblower has different options for recourse when illegal activity is taking place. For example, if an employee is terminated after reporting illegal activity then this falls into retaliating against an employee for reporting illegal conduct. Under Montana law, an employee who is.

November 11

Overtime Pay the Source of Many Employment Lawsuits

Recent Cases Demonstrate Discrepancies in Overtime Pay After failed settlement discussions, a dispute over whether a group of supervisors at a private prison in central Kentucky should have been paid overtime by a private prison company will go to trial in federal court in 2014.  In the case at least 25 people who worked at.

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