The McGrady Law Firm assists clients with commercial litigation and business disputes all across Montana, including Billings, Missoula, Kalispell, Great Falls, and more.

Anyone who has ever owned a business or other commercial enterprise knows that the stakes can be high. People invest significant money (sometimes their entire life savings) into starting their own business or investing in one.

Unfortunately, sometimes disputes or other events occur that cause serious financial harm to the business itself, the owners, or to individual investors. Depending on the facts, the entity or the individuals involved might be entitled to monetary damages and other relief.

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Handling Business Disputes All Across Montana

The firm handles commercial litigation matters and disputes arising anywhere in Montana. For example, the case handles matters in larger cities and towns like Billings, Bozeman, Missoula, Great Falls, Kalispell, Helena, and Butte. But it also takes on matters in smaller towns and more remote areas throughout the state.

From Eastern Montana to Western Montana, and all points in between, the firm proudly serves clients and appears before courts anywhere in the Treasure State.

A Unique Approach to Commercial Litigation: Contingency Fee Arrangements

Most commercial litigation lawyers charge clients an hourly fee for taking on their case. In Montana, these hourly rates range from between $150/hour and $250/hour depending on the firm and individual attorneys involved.

For many businesses and individuals, these rates are simply not affordable, especially when you consider how long an average case lasts, and everything involved (travel, depositions, expert witnesses, discovery review, pre-trial hearings, trial preparation, appeals, etc.).

It is no exaggeration to say that a business dispute lawsuit or arbitration could cost a party six figures or more in attorney fees and costs.

Because business litigation is not affordable, entities and individuals with valid claims often never get to pursue their cases in court.

The McGrady Law Firm recognizes these financial barriers to justice. As a result, it accepts certain commercial cases on a contingency fee.

That means you pay nothing for the firm to take your case, and then you only pay a certain percentage of anything you actually collect (for example, through a settlement, court verdict, or arbitration award).

In these contingency fee arrangements, the firm does all of the legal work and even helps to front the costs for expert witnesses and other necessary expenses.

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Examples of Business Litigation Cases

Here are some examples of business-related cases the firm handles:

  • business contract disputes
  • covenants not to compete/non-compete agreements
  • insurance bad faith involving business insurance (see main page for insurance bad faith here)
  • real estate investment disputes
  • breach of fiduciary duty matters
  • construction litigation
  • disputes involving partners or investors
  • intellectual property litigation
  • business fraud
  • business dissolution
  • commercial loans
  • oil and gas disputes

Keep in mind this is not an exhaustive list of cases. To find out if the firm can assist you with a particular case, contact us today and ask.

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