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If your land or property in Montana has been damaged by another, contact the McGrady Law Firm today at (406) 322-8647. An effective and experienced lawyer like Philip McGrady can help you get maximum money damages due to land damage and environmental destruction.

Landowners across our state are seeing damage to their land and property in unimaginable ways. Some of the harm includes oil spills, contamination to water, the presence of hazardous substances, and more.

The firm can help you go after the potentially responsible party, whether it’s an oil or natural gas company, mining outfit, transportation company, a neighboring farm, or even the government. Depending on the circumstances, you could be entitled to damages of several thousand dollars or even several million.

Philip McGrady is a property damage and environmental lawyer who is here to help, no matter where in Montana you happen to live or where your land is located.

Lawsuits for Oil Spills, Water Contamination, Pollution, Hazardous Substances, and more.

The McGrady Law Firm handles lawsuits and claims relating to property damage and environmental issues such as:

  • toxic torts
  • drilling damage
  • oil spills
  • pipeline ruptures and spills
  • chemical spills and migration
  • air pollution
  • water contamination
  • soil contamination
  • fires and explosions
  • point source pollution
  • hazardous substance releases
  • logging damage
  • mining waste
  • agricultural runoff

No matter how your land was damaged or polluted, please contact lawyer Philip McGrady today. The firm handles property damage lawsuits and environmental law claims in courts across the state.

MT Environmental Litigation Firm Representing Citizens Statewide

The McGrady Law Firm accepts clients and cases all over the State of Montana. Environmental litigation can be a complex area of law, and attorney Philip McGrady has worked on major cases involving destruction to land against railroads and other large corporations.

Land is expensive and therefore when your land is adversely affected by oil spills or other environmental destruction, you should be able to collect money damages and other remedies available to you.

If you or a family member have also suffered a personal injury or wrongful death due to these activities, you could be entitled to additional claims.

Like many people in our state, you and your family might rely on your land to make money. You could be a cattle rancher, a farmer, or anyone else in the business of generating revenue from your real property. Then again, you might be someone who just enjoys using your acreage however you like, whether that’s hunting, fishing, recreation, and so on.

No matter what use you put your land to, if someone has done damage to it, the time to speak up is now. An attorney like Philip McGrady, who handles property damage and environmental law cases like pollution and contamination cases, can litigate your case and seek money damages for past and future expenses you have incurred as a result.

Mr. McGrady has first-hand experience in dealing with state and federal law involving the environment. He understands the complexities and interplay between local, state, and federal rules, including the EPA, CERCLA, and MT Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ).

Current Issues In Land Damage Law: The Bakken Oil Fields And Beyond

Let’s face it, our state is no stranger to environmental and land damage issues. We all know about the long history of mining in Butte and all through Silverbow County, and other nearby areas in Western Montana.

You’ve probably heard about Superfund sites that are intended to clean up the waste left by companies from many years ago. You might have thought the tradition of environmental pollution and contamination was over, but you’d be wrong. Physical harm to ranches, farms, and other land is currently occurring at an alarming rate.

Right now, Montana landowners are seeing an increase in property damage and destruction in ways we could have never imagined. Just a decade ago, no one could have foreseen what was about to happen in the eastern part of the state in the Bakken Oil region. The drilling and exploration might be good for our economy and for jobs, but some landowners are paying a high price tag for some of this activity.

As you might know, surface rights and mineral rights are a hotly contested issue between residents and oil companies. Please see our oil and gas litigation practice area for more on this topic.

Fracking And Water Contamination

When oil and minerals are extracted, the nearby land and groundwater are put at risk. Highly controversial methods like hydraulic fracturing or “fracking” allow oil and gas companies to drill in areas that weren’t previously possible.

Of course, fracking involves injecting millions of gallons of fluid into the ground to be able to capture oil and gas from the rock. The injected fluid has been known to cause cancer. If these fluids enter the groundwater, you can imagine the harm that would cause local property owners and even whole communities.

Well-water contamination can not only cause a hardship, it could even completely devalue the real estate of the owner. After all, who would buy land with no source of clean water available? Aside from the Bakken, fracking is a major threat facing other parts of the state.

Oil And Gas Drilling Damage

Destruction to property from drilling is not limited to chemicals and water pollution; the surface of land can be damaged to drilling and exploration. Please visit the firm’s surface damages page for more information on this topic.

Other Environmental and Property Damage Suits

There is no end when it comes to all of the possible land damage and environmental cases out there. An environmental lawyer like Philip McGrady can handle any of the following and more:

  • A train derails while carrying toxic substances
  • A natural gas pipeline breaks and chemicals contaminate the soil and groundwater
  • Mining waste is found in the yard of a private home
  • Well water is depleted or contaminated
  • Agricultural production is harmed
  • Private uses of property are prevented or impacted

Contact an Environmental Spill and Cleanup Attorney

If an oil company or someone else is responsible for devaluing your property, attorney Philip McGrady is standing by to handle your claim. The presence of toxic contaminants, soil and sediment contamination, water contamination, air pollution, etc. can completely alter the property value of your farm, ranch, or other land.

While a cleanup or other environmental remediation might help to some degree, paying for those services can be extremely expensive. That’s not an expense you should have to bear.

Don’t let a polluter affecting your property get away it. Contact Philip McGrady today, an attorney who is not afraid to go after companies big or small for their wrongful and negligent actions.