May 10

Laurel Ambulance Involved in Wreck


Three Injured Following Crash

A 59-year old woman who was driving a green Honda Accord on Old U.S. Highway 10 was injured when a Laurel, Montana, ambulance crashed into her. Both vehicles were traveling eastbound, when the 59-year-old woman from Laurel pulled in front of the ambulance as it was headed to a call on 72nd Street, Montana Highway Patrol Trooper Todd Hagenbuch said.

The driver of the ambulance, a 19-year-old male, thought the woman was stopped and tried to go around her. The woman didn’t hear the sirens and pulled in front of the ambulance, Hagenbuch said.

The two vehicles collided, sending both flying into a ditch on the north side of the road and causing substantial damage to the driver’s side of the Honda and heavy front-end damage to the ambulance.

The Laurel Fire Department responded to the scene first, a little after 5 p.m. When they got there, they had to cut the roof off the Honda to get the woman out.  Laurel Fire Chief Brent Peters said the woman was conscious at the time and that there were no complications during the extrication.

The two occupants of the ambulance had no visible injuries but appeared shaken up and went to Billings Clinic as a precautionary measure, Hagenbuch said.

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Source:  Nick Balatsos, Billings Gazette, Ambulance Wreck in Laurel Sends 3 to Hospital, May 8, 2014.

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