Apr 6

Montana Workers at Higher Risk of Injury


Employee Injuries in Montana

It is well known that Montana has long had one of the highest workers’ compensation insurance rates in the country.  In 2006, the state Department of Labor and Industry and the Labor Management Advisory Council on Workers’ Compensation (LMAC) launched a comprehensive study to better understand why the state’s rates are so high.

According to the study, Montana has one of the worst workplace safety records in the country with an incidence rate that’s 47 percent higher than the national average. And it crosses all genders, ages and almost all industries.  When Montana employees get injured, they tend to stay out of work an average of 23 days longer than workers in other states with similar injuries.

Common Causes of Injuries to Montana’s Workers

According to WorkSafeMT, slips, trips and falls are all major contributors to workplace injuries. Workspaces should be kept free from debris and cords, and employers should be sure that employees are wearing the appropriate protective gear or clothing. 

Improper lifting is another significant contributor to workplace injuries. In a rush to get the job done people lift more than they should. They lift with their backs rather than their legs. Or they put themselves in odd positions where they are twisting or reaching as they lift. Simply pausing to lift correctly or to get help could save you months of pain and even surgery.

Vehicle and machinery crashes are the leading causes of workplace death in the state.  Inattentive driving—such as texting—also causes crashes, injuries and deaths every year.

As an employee, you should be mindful of the hazards involved in the workplace.

Source:  WorkSafeMT, accessible at http://www.worksafemt.com/safety/the-safety-difference/state-of-the-state.


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