With Montana and North Dakota in the midst of an oil boom, the disputes over oil and gas issues are arising as quickly as oil rigs. If you or your company is in need of a lawyer with experience handling a variety of disputes in the oil and gas field, you should contact the McGrady Law Firm.

Pipeline Disputes, Lease Issues, and Surface Damages

Philip McGrady has experience in oil and gas litigation, including breach of contract cases, damages arising from oil and gas operations, as well as lawsuits concerning oil wells and oil and gas leases. See Prairie Pipeline Contractors, Inc. v. Banner Pipeline Company, LLC (Cause No. CV-06-102-BLG-RFC, U.S. Dist. of Montana); Continental Resources v. Montana Oil Properties et al. (Cause No. 05-74-BLG-RFC, U.S. Dist. of Montana).

Philip McGrady also has experience in the regulations governing Montana’s oil and gas industry, as well as lawsuits dealing with the rights of those with interests in coal. See Nance et al. v. Department of the Interior, (Cause No. CV-06-125-BLG-RFC, U.S. Dist. of Montana). To discuss your case with a Montana oil and gas lawsuit attorney,