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If you or a loved one experienced an aviation accident and are searching for an airplane crash lawyer, remember that experience counts.

Whether the plane or helicopter crash resulted in accidental death or catastrophic personal injury, you need an experienced aviation attorney who has actually handled one of these cases in real life.

McGrady Law Firm Aviation and Airplane AccidentsAn airplane crash is far different than a car crash in terms of the applicable laws, regulations, the kinds of expert witnesses you would use, legal defenses, and more. Attorney Philip McGrady understands these cases from real-world experience.

The firm can assist with aviation crashes anywhere in Montana, no matter what part of the state. Be sure to take action immediately, as there are deadlines for filing a claim or lawsuit.

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Aviation Accident Lawsuits and Claims

Airplane accidents in Montana are more common than most people realize. Many people use airplanes and other aircraft on the job, such as the use of a crop duster.

In addition, many Montanans use planes to travel from one part of the state to another for convenience. For example, business executives and even doctors fly to various locations statewide and return home the same day.

Airplanes are also used in this state for tourism and site-seeing. With places like Yellowstone National Park, Glacier National Park, and a host of other popular destinations, a lot of individuals use airplanes to travel there or take in the views from the air.

Aviation accidents can be caused by a number of things: pilot error or negligence, mechanical problems, inclement weather, and more. With an experienced airplane crash law firm on your side, you can rest assured that all responsible parties will be held accountable.

That might mean going after the pilot, airline, owner of the airplane, or mechanic. It could also mean going after the manufacturer in what is called a products liability lawsuit.

Helicopter Accident Lawsuits and Claims

Helicopter accidents are also common occurrences. If you’re looking for a helicopter law firm, look no further than the McGrady Law Firm.

Philip McGrady has experience regarding wrongful death resulting from a helicopter crash. Like airplanes, helicopters are also used for site seeing and to show tourists some of the state’s main attractions.

After a helicopter crash, be sure to retain a lawyer as soon as possible.

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