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McGrady Law Firm Dangerous Products Liability LawyerPhilip McGrady is an experienced products liability lawyer who represents clients who have been injured due to a product defect, manufacturing defect, or faulty product design.

Philip McGrady has handled numerous cases involving defective products and dangerous products. For example, he has worked on cases involving defective helicopter components and parts, electrical transformers, and construction site products.

Why Hire the McGrady Law Firm

If a person in Montana is hurt or wrongfully killed due to a dangerous or defective product, a lawyer like Philip McGrady can help the family and loved ones seek maximum compensation from a settlement or jury verdict. Contact the McGrady Law Firm now to learn more.

This area of the law is often referred to as “product liability” or “products liability.” It has to do with a consumer using or being exposed to a faulty product that causes the person to suffer injuries or death.

A case involving a defective or dangerous product requires a top-notch courtroom litigator with experience in this field. Philip McGrady handles these cases and can help you file a lawsuit to hold the manufacturer liable for the personal injuries or wrongful death the product caused.

Philip McGrady has pursued claims for products liability against Montana corporations and nationwide corporations and entities. See McKenney et al. v. Yellowstone Valley Electric Cooperative, Cooper Power Systems, and Border States Electric, (Cause No.: DV 07-578, Yellowstone County, 13th Judicial District); Estate of Burdick v. Rolls-Royce Corp., Dylan Aviation, and Standard Aero, (Cause No. CV 10 -48-BLG-RFC, U.S. Dist. of Montana).

Products Liability Case Examples

A dangerous or defective product liability case might involve faulty machinery, such as manufacturing equipment, mining equipment, agricultural equipment, etc. A case could also involve consumer products used in or around the home like tools, appliances, or gardening equipment.

Other common product liability cases include automobiles that have caused auto accidents or injuries due to defective brakes, fuel lines, seat belts, anti-rollover technology, etc.

You might remember the famous lawsuit involving the Ford Pinto based on Ford’s decision to place the gas tank at the rear of the car even though they knew that it could jeopardize the safety of drivers. In that case, the jury awarded both compensatory damages and punitive damages.

Common Defective Products Leading To Lawsuits

Many consumer products can cause injuries leading to a dangerous or defective product lawsuit. Here are some of the more common defective product lawsuits we see:

  • automobiles
  • manufacturing equipment
  • aviation defects
  • agricultural equipment
  • pesticide injuries
  • mining equipment
  • oil refinery equipment
  • logging equipment
  • pharmaceutical drugs
  • children’s toys and other products

There are endless possibilities when it comes to dangerous or defective products lawsuits. A particular drug purchased at a pharmacy could lead to injury or death. Gardening equipment, tools, kids toys, etc. are things lying around our homes that we might never suspect could be dangerous until it is too late.

Montana Law On Dangerous And Defective Products Liability

Under Montana law, a person who sells a product in a defective condition to a user or consumer is liable for physical harm caused to the user or consumer if the seller is engaged in selling such a product. Unlike other civil lawsuits the McGrady law firm handles where someone has been hurt, in this area of the law we aren’t dealing with negligence but instead “strict liability.”

Strict liability is a term meaning that when you sue a company due to a dangerous or defective product you don’t necessarily have to point to a specific negligent act which made the product unsafe. Instead, strict liability means that a plaintiffs lawyer like Philip McGrady can show a court that the product was, in fact, unsafe and you suffered harm because of it.

In Montana, dangerous product litigation involves the following:

  • design defects
  • manufacturing defects
  • marketing defects
  • failure to warn

Not every instance in which someone gets hurt by a faulty product will there be a viable lawsuit for a dangerous or defective product. Be sure to contact an attorney who works in this field so that you can find out if your case is eligible under Montana law.

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