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The Bakken oil fields, some of which are located in Eastern Montana, have provided a boom to the local job market, but with so many workers and so much drilling, there are the inevitable accidents which follow.

McGrady Law Firm Oilfield and Refinery Accidents LawyerOilfields and oil rigs can be dangerous places to work and they sometimes lead to claims for serious bodily injury and other tragic situations. Montana lawyer Philip McGrady represents workers and family members in the aftermath of an oilfield or oil refinery accident.

Assisting Injured Oil Workers in the Bakken, Sidney, Glasgow, Glendive, Miles City, Bainville, and more.

No matter where in Montana your oilfield or oil refinery accident case occurred, the McGrady Law Firm can file claims on your behalf. Located near Billings, the firm assists injured oil rig workers and oilfield employees throughout the state, including Sidney, Glasgow, Glendive, Miles City, Bainville, and or courts in the counties of Sheridan, Roosevelt, Richland, McCone, Dawson, Prairie, Valley, Daniels, and more.

The Bakken Oil Boom might be in a remote part of the state, but you as a worker, have the luxury of being able to have a lawyer from the Billings area to provide high quality legal services to you and your family.

It also doesn’t matter if you’re not from Montana and don’t even live here. As long as the oil accident or injury happened in this state, you can have Philip McGrady take your case. You might live nearby or in a state far away. Either way, contact him today about your Bakken case for a free consultation. Call (406) 322-8647.

Montana and North Dakota Oil Rig Accidents On The Rise

Throughout Montana and North Dakota, accidents at oilfields are on the rise given the number of people and businesses engaged in the trade. Safety regulations are sometimes followed and sometimes not. Even for drilling companies that strictly follow all safety regulations, incidents leading to injuries and even death are still a reality.

For oil and natural gas businesses, the bottom line is profit. The fact is, if one of their workers gets hurt, that could can mean less money in profits. Compensating an employee for injuries is expensive, and they’d rather find every excuse in the book not to pay.

Instead, companies would rather make their workers pay out of their own pocket for hospital bills, ongoing treatment, and living expenses during their time away from work. Whether it’s a big company, a contractor, or subcontractor, there is simply no excuse if you suffer and the responsible party refuses to pay you.

That is why you must contact an attorney who handles these claims. If you or a family member have gotten hurt due to a Bakken oilfield or oil refinery accident, don’t think for a minute that you’re proving something by continuing to suffer and not coming forward with a claim.

An incident where someone gets hurt or killed could have been no one’s fault at all. As we all know, working in the oil and natural gas business is a dangerous line of work. Then again, the injuries might be the result of faulty or defective machinery, the use of improper equipment, the failure to follow safety rules, the lack of proper safety equipment, etc.

For Oilfield Injuries, Contact A Lawyer Who Can Help

As both an employment lawyer and a personal injury lawyer, Philip McGrady know the ins and outs of how to successfully handle a Bakken injury claim or any other oilfield accident case. With him on your side, you can put aside any fears that an employer might fire you just because you filed an injury claim to help pay your medical and other bills.

If your boss did fire you to avoid paying for your injuries, you might even be able to add a wrongful termination claim against the oil company too.

With a free initial consultation offered to potential clients, Mr. McGrady would like to speak with you about your case. Call (406) 322-8647.

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