While Montana’s railroads are valuable to our state’s economy, unfortunately they are also a frequent source of injuries and even death.

And besides injuring individuals, trains can also damage people’s property due to derailments and toxic spills.

The McGrady Law Firm serves individuals and businesses all across Montana who have been aggrieved by these companies. Talk with an experienced railroad lawyer today about your case. No matter where in the state the incident occurred, you are eligible for representation by this firm.

Railroad Companies in Montana

There are multiple railroad companies, as well as other businesses serving the railroad industry in the Big Sky State. Here are some examples:

These railway companies transport grain, forest products, chemicals, agricultural products, coal, petroleum products, consumer goods and more.

Railroad Crossing Accidents

All too often, everyday citizens in vehicles get hit by trains at railroad crossings. These accidents lead to serious personal injuries and even death.

In many cases, the cause of the train collision is due to the negligence of the railway company, not the driver of the vehicle.

For example, you might be able to prove that the train conductor didn’t follow applicable requirements, was travelling too fast, or did other things that were negligent.

A lawyer with experience in this area of the law like Philip McGrady knows how to prove negligence.

Employee Accidents and FELA

When an employee of a railroad gets hurt on the job, the FELA could apply. FELA stands for
Federal Employers’ Liability Act. This law was passed by Congress to assist employees of railroad companies for work-related injuries. FELA was also intended to make working environments for these employees as safe as possible.

Dealing with this law can be a complex, which is why you must have an experienced FELA lawyer to assist you. There are certain requirements and deadlines that must be followed.

Lawsuits and Claims

Suing a company like BNSF, Montana Rail Link, Union Pacific or other big companies doesn’t come without a fight.

That’s why you need an attorney like Philip McGrady who has extensive experience taking on railroads. Besides dealing with injury cases, he has also been involved in lawsuits against these corporations for environmental spills and commercial disputes.

He knows the laws and regulations that apply, what expert witnesses you need, and other factors that can help your chances of winning the case at trial or getting the highest possible settlement.

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