Areas of Practice

The firm provides top-notch legal representation in a variety of practice areas.  Please read more or call (406) 322-8647 to find out how if you are eligible for legal representation.

Personal Injury

Nothing can be more devastating than an accident leading to bodily injuries or death. That is why finding the best personal injury lawyer for your case or that of a loved one should be your number one priority. You need an advocate who knows the legal system and isn’t afraid to aggressively pursue the liable party in court.

Employment Law

The firm’s employment law practice includes a wide variety of claims arising from the workplace.  Philip McGrady helps those who have been wrongfully terminated, experienced sexual harassment, or been the victim of discrimination.  He also  seeks compensation for those who have been unfairly deprived of wages.

Wrongful Death

Seeking the highest compensation for wrongful and negligent death cases in Montana.  If your loved one passed away in a car wreck, a semi truck accident, or from any other case involving negligence, you could be entitled to serious money damages.

Insurance Disputes

Is your insurance company unfairly denying your claim? If so, get a Montana bad faith lawyer on your case right now.  A court might award you a major verdict, but you have to come forward.  Don’t wait until it is too late.  The firm handles bad faith cases and other insurance disputes anywhere in the State.

>Personal Injury

Philip McGrady handles almost any kind of accident and injury matter.  Clients can count on high quality representation in the area of road and highway cases like car accidents, semi truck accidents, and motorcycle wrecks.  The firm also goes after responsible parties for medical malpracticedangerous and defective productsairplane and helicopter crashes, oilfield accidents,  and other accident and injury lawsuits.

>Employment Law

If you have been wrongfully fired, been victimized by sexual harassment, or suffered from discrimination due to age, race, or gender, please contact the firm now.  The firm also  handles wage and hour claims, as well as  whistleblower and qui tam cases.  It does not matter what kind of job you have or where in Montana you live.  Contact the firm to find out more.

>Property Damage and Environmental Law

Right now, MT residents are seeing a huge increase in property and land damage due to industrial activity, oil and gas drilling, mining, and environmental disasters. If your farm, ranch, home, or acreage sustain damage due to pollution, contamination, spills, toxic substances, or other environmental harm, the value of your property could plummet. No matter where in the state you live, Philip McGrady can represent you and will go after the responsible party to the fullest extent of the law.  Mr. McGrady also assists clients with surface damage claims from oil and natural gas drilling.

>Oil and Gas Litigation

Montana is seeing an oil and gas boom like we could have never imagined. If you own land with oil or natural gas deposits, you need an attorney to help protect your rights and maximize your profits.  Whether before, during, or after the drilling process, it is never too early or too late to get legal help.  Time and again, landowners have been taken advantage of by oil and gas companies.   As a result, citizens pay a heavy price in the form of lost compensation or needless land damage, including surface damages.  If you have concerns about these or related issues, please contact the firm right now.

>Construction Law

Philip McGrady helps individuals and businesses in the building and construction industry who face issues involving contract disputes, construction defects, building delays, foundation failures, etc. The firm’s construction law and litigation practice consists of representing contractors, subcontractors, developers, and owners. Stop losing time and money due to setbacks, or get back what you have lost from a building project.  Call Philip McGrady today at (406) 322-8647.