Rear-End Car Accident Results in $202,824 Verdict

A Florida woman, who was the victim of a car accident, was struck from behind while stopped at a red light recovered a $202,824 jury award in state court near Tampa, Florida.

While a long way from Montana, the case (Hardy-Ellzey v. Lefebvre), puts yesterday’s blog post into perspective. The National Trial Lawyers reported on the case. The plaintiff, a 58-year-old hair stylist, stopped at a traffic light in 2012. The defendant did not see the stop light and negligently struck the rear of the plaintiff’s vehicle.

The plaintiff immediately went to the emergency room. She was later treated by a chiropractor and orthopedic spine surgeon, even though no surgery was performed. At the trial, she had continued neck, shoulder and low back pain, numbness and tingling that radiated to her arms and legs. She continued working, but needed assistance from her husband in doing daily activities.

The jury awarded $40,824.96 for total past medical expenses, future medicals of $85,000, past pain and suffering of $12,000 and future pain and suffering of $65,000.

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Source: National Trial Lawyers