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Philip McGrady is a Montana lawyer who knows the law when it comes to sexual harassment lawsuits and claims. At the McGrady Law Firm, you can count on high quality legal representation for cases in Kalispell, Missoula, Bozeman, Billings and all across Montana. Since sexual harassment and gender discrimination claims have strict procedural time frames, it is important to contact an attorney to determine your rights.

An employer has a responsibility to provide a safe workplace for its employees, which is impossible where sexual harassment is present. Sexual harassment comes in many forms, but always consists of “unwelcome” conduct that a reasonable person would consider “severe and pervasive.”

This form of harassment often consists of sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, or other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature. Sometimes sexual harassment culminates in a quid pro quo exchange, where an employer or supervisor makes an unwelcome request for sexual favors in exchange for job benefits or withholding unfavorable action.

Other times, the unwelcome sexual conduct makes an employee so miserable, he/she becomes the victim of a hostile work environment.

Either way, sex harassment is against the law. To seek money damages and other relief, you need an attorney to assist you.

Lawsuits and Claims for Sexual Harassment

In addition to the supervisor perpetrating the harassment, you may have a viable claim or lawsuit for sexual harassment against your employer. If you have reported the harassment to someone higher up in your company and nothing has been done to remedy the problem, your company may be liable for failing to keep you safe at work.

Sexual harassment is demeaning and abusive and is taken seriously under Montana law. Your case could be worth money damages or other compensation based on what happened to you at work.

Available Resources for victims of sexual harassment

A great starting point to learn more about sexual harassment cases in Montana is with the Montana Human Rights Bureau. All decisions from the Montana Human Rights commission are searchable here.

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The McGrady Law Firm believes all Montanans deserve to feel safe and respected in the workplace. If you are suffering sexual harassment at work, please contact the firm today. Attorney Philip McGrady will help put an end to the abuse and get you the compensation you’re entitled to.