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Trucking accidents are devastating events for victims and family members, which is why you should contact Montana lawyer Philip McGrady to pursue maximum compensation for your case.

The number of semi trucks traveling on I-90, I-94, I-15, Highway 12, US 93, Highway 2, and other Montana highways seems to be getting higher in number each year. The more tractor trailers we see on our interstates and highways, the more accidents with injuries and fatalities we see too.

Wrecks involving big rigs are among the most dangerous of all auto accidents due to the sheer size and weight of trucks being no match for smaller vehicles. Tractor trailer accidents can lead to cases involving serious personal injury, wrongful death, lost wages, medical bills, short-term and long-term treatment, permanent disability, and other tragic consequences.

We all know truck drivers travel long distances, work long hours, suffer from sleep deprivation and are in a line of work that presents multiple risks. No matter what the scenario or particular excuse, you should consult with an attorney for any truck wreck causing injuries, fatalities, or other damages to find out what you should do.

Why are some Big Rig Accident Cases More Valuable than Others?

A trucking accident lawyer will tell you that not all incidents involving tractor trailers will allow a person to collect, whether that be from a jury verdict or insurance settlement. The simple fact that a big truck was involved doesn’t guarantee a person a victory in a civil lawsuit.

To have a good case, the driver of the truck, or some other party that was involved in the incident, must have been negligent. Negligence in this context might mean the trucker was going too fast for conditions, he wasn’t paying attention, or was being careless, or committed one or more other traffic violations.

The condition of the truck could point to negligence too. For example, the rig might have been carrying too much weight or was not kept in proper maintenance. Either the trucking company, a mechanic, or the trucker could have done something (or failed to do something) to the truck which caused the accident.

In all of these incidents, you might have a good case for which a law firm could help you. Philip McGrady knows what it takes to successfully handle a personal injury lawsuit. He goes against insurance companies and their lawyers all the time, and he understands how to win. His free evaluation of your case will give you a better sense of your situation.

MT Roads and Highways Pose Dangers

We all know Montana roads can be dangerous because of bad weather conditions caused by snow, ice, and fog. When the roads get slippery or icy and visibility is poor, truckers are faced with an even more difficult challenge than they already have in carrying loads weighing thousands of pounds.

Some of our roads pose dangers already, even when weather conditions are not a factor. Our state is covered with two-lane roads, some of which are steep and winding and prevent a motorist from seeing what’s around the next bend. Even on a sunny day, a driver on one of these roads would have no chance coming across an eighteen wheeler driving out of control and entering the oncoming lane.

Other possibilities include a truck turning over or jack knifing across an entire highway. Typical cars are simply no match and even the safest of all vehicles would provide no protection for passengers.

A Big Truck Accident Lawyer Handling Cases All Over Montana

It does not matter where in the state the semi truck accident occurred: Billings, Missoula, Bozeman, Butte, Helena, Kalispell, Miles City, Glendive, or anywhere in between.  Lawyer Philip McGrady is ready to take on your case.

Whether you live in this state or another, as long as the incident occurred somewhere in Montana, you are eligible for his legal representation.

The accident could have occurred on a major road such as I-90, I-94, Highway 12, Highway 2, or Highway 93.  Or it could have happened on a smaller road far from a city or town.  Wherever the truck wreck occurred in this state, get in touch with the firm to learn more about what rights you or a loved one have following a semi accident.

As past and current clients can attest, when you put your trust in the McGrady Law Firm, you can count on high quality legal representation from an experienced, aggressive, and honest legal practitioner who knows how to handle these kinds of cases.

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If a driver or trucking company was at fault in your wreck or that of a family member, you need a lawyer who will aggressively pursue your case and seek the most money damages and other damages available to you.

If your case involves a Montana tractor trailer accident, please contact the McGrady Law Firm for a free and confidential evaluation of your case. There are no strings attached. You can simply call Mr. McGrady at (406) 322-8647 or fill out the contact form, and he will answer any questions you might have. He will discuss the pros and cons of your case, what kind of damages might be available, and more.

Remember that the clock is ticking and you only have so long to pursue a claim. Don’t wait until it is too late.