Sep 13

McGrady Law Firm Unveils New Website


Firm Launches New Website and Blog

The McGrady Law Firm is proud to launch its new website and blog.  Because the firm specializes in cases involving Montana personal injury and employment cases, the site will provide relevant information and resources.

The blog will provide useful information to individuals, consumers, employees, etc. who have suffered physical and/or financial injuries and who are exploring their options in terms of hiring a lawyer.  There will also be various tips, suggestions, things to consider, etc. with respect to how and when to act following an accident or other incident.

In addition, the blog will cover cases decided by the Montana Supreme Court, state district court cases, federal court cases, and more.

The firm looks forward to keeping you updated and invites you to participate.

To speak directly with an attorney, please contact the firm at (406) 322-8647.

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