Apr 16

VA Wrongful Death Claims involving Veterans


Veterans Affairs Paid More Than $200 Million in Last Decade

According to one of the more thorough and informative articles available on the web, the VA has paid out roughly $200 million dollars to nearly 1,000 families since 9/11.  Aaron Glantz, a reporter for The Center for Investigative Reporting, identified amounts paid throughout the United States after obtaining data from the VA using a Freedom of Information Act Request.

The median payment was identified as $150,000.  However, a quick review of the cases indicated several in the range of $1 million.  One case involving the Danville Illinois VA medical center appeared to be settled for $1,575,000.  A case against the VA in Arizona resulted in a payout of $1,000,000.  And a case in Utah was resolved for $950,000.

To read Mr. Glantz’s article, follow this link: “VA Pays Out $200 million for nearly 1,000 veteran’s wrongful deaths”.

When pursuing a claim against the VA, or any federal agency for a tort claim, it is important to know the unique procedural steps that must be followed.

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