One of the most common injuries that people experience after a car accident is back pain. Intense acute pain in both the upper and lower back can be the result of whiplash or a compression injury. The affected areas can include vertebrae, the discs supporting them, or muscles. Acute pain can develop into chronic pain. For some, extremely debilitating back pain that they experience continuously can become a dominant feature in their lives. It is important to treat a back injury as effectively as possible and as quickly as possible.

Get Emergency Care

Seeking medical attention right away may make treatment easier. Without proper medical care, a person’s injuries could worsen. While physicians want to treat people as noninvasively as they are able to, they need to be able to identify conditions and make a diagnosis right away in order to suggest the best course of action. They can advise what activities people should avoid, whether rest is necessary, and what medication would be most helpful for short-term relief.

Reduce Inflammation

One of the biggest causes of pain apart from fracture or a disc displacement is inflammation. If you can bring down inflammation, it may reduce your pain considerably. Usually, ice can improve moderate inflammation. An ice pack with a flexible gel material inside may be the best often. If your muscles are inflamed and aggravating, you may find heat to be better.

Return to Normal Activities Slowly

Don’t risk worsening your injury by trying to get back to your normal routine right away. Take it slow and don’t push yourself too much. Avoid heavy lifting, standing on your feet for two long, or intense exercises. An occupational therapist and physical therapist can help with restoring your range of motion safely and comfortably

Make a Claim for Medical Expenses and Other Damages If Necessary

The most of emergency medical care and ongoing treatment can be considerable. Private health insurance or medicare may address some of these costs, but people are likely to incur out of pocket expenses. People who sustained personal injuries in an accident that another driver caused need to evaluate whether they should pursue a claim against the responsible party.

It is important to keep in mind that you may not feel intense back pain immediately after an accident. In some instances, pain does not set in until inflammation does, which could be considerably later. Don’t conclude that you’re fine after a serious car accident until you can get checked out. It is also crucial to contact attorneys that may be able to assist with the next steps, such as our friends at Cohen & Cohen Attorneys.