Montana Whistleblower Lawyer and Qui Tam Attorney

A whistleblower lawyer or qui tam attorney is a legal practitioner who handles cases in which a person has information about the United States government being defrauded and decides to come forward with information about the fraud. For good reason, the government wants to reward individuals who provide this valuable information.

That reward could become yours if you decide to come forward. However, you will need a whistleblower or qui tam attorney to help you.

No matter where in Montana you are, the McGrady Law Firm helps whistle blowers all over the state.

What is a qui tam or “whistleblower” case?

Qui tam cases allow the whistleblower to assist the federal government in putting a stop to fraud. If the lawsuit is successful, the person who “blows the whistle” gets a reward. How much money can a whistleblower get? Well, assuming the lawsuit is won, it depends on the nature of the case and what happened over the course of the legal proceedings and initial investigation.

If the person who tipped off the U.S. government has a lawyer who handles the lawsuit from beginning to end, without the intervention of the federal government, there could be a recovery of up to 25%-30%. On the other hand, if the government intervenes in the case and gets involved in the suit, the whistleblower might get 15%-25% of what is recovered.

Whistleblower protection can be afforded to you, but first you should seek legal assistance from a law firm. To get maximum protection and compensation, having a legal advocate is crucial.

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