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Have you been wrongfully terminated from your job? If so, be sure to contact lawyer Philip McGrady today. The McGrady Law Firm handles a wide range of employment lawsuits, including unlawful firings.

We even help high-wage earners including: nurses, physicians, business executives, general managers, administrators, engineers, and many more.

The firm helps fired employees all over Montana–no matter where they located or what industry they are in.

Speaking with a wrongful firing attorney can help you understand if the stated reasons you were fired might entitle you to money damages or other relief.

If you have been illegally fired or forced to resign, or conditions at your job became so intolerable that you had to quit, you may be entitled to four years of lost wages, benefits, and expenses you incurred in searching for new employment.

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Montana Law Protects Montana Workers from Wrongful Discharge

Phillip McGrady is experienced with Montana’s Wrongful Discharge from Employment Act, which is unique to Montana and qualifies our state as neither a right to work state nor an at-will state.

Given the legal complexities within Montana’s wrongful discharge law, it is important to understand your rights and responsibilities if you’ve been discharged. Phillip McGrady can help you understand this complex area of the law and will take the burden off your shoulders.

Montana’s Wrongful Discharge Act prohibits employers from firing their employees without good cause (§ 39-2-905).

If you lost your job for reasons that seem unreasonable or non-related to your job description, your employer may have violated the law. Further, your employer may not violate express provisions of its own written personnel policies.

If the circumstances of your termination contradict policies in your employee handbook, your discharge may have been wrongful under Montana law.

Montana law punishes employers for particularly bad behavior. If your employer discharged you maliciously or fraudulently, you may be entitled to additional damages in connection with your wrongful firing.

The Wrongful Discharge Act provides security to Montana’s workforce by prohibiting employers from firing their employees without a good reason. However, if you’ve been discharged wrongfully, your employer is probably unwilling to abide by the law and compensate you accordingly. To receive the wages and benefits you’re entitled to, you need legal representation.

If you were wrongfully fired, attorney Philip McGrady is here to help.

Phillip McGrady is an attorney who knows employment law and will fight tirelessly on your behalf. If you’ve been wrongfully fired from your job, contact the McGrady Law Firm immediately, as time to file your complaint is limited.

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